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Reducing your company’s carbon footprint : operations guide

Reducing the carbon footprint has become a critical priority for industrial companies. By adopting effective measures, companies can not only contribute to environmental protection but also enhance their energy efficiency and reputation. Having efficient and optimized carbon footprint management is a real competitive advantage and can improve relationships with suppliers and clients.

Cleaneo offers below three key actions to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Analyze the situation with an energy audit

The first step to reducing your company’s carbon footprint is to understand your current situation. For this, it is crucial to conduct an energy audit that will allow you to assess the impact of your activities on the environment. This audit includes measuring your greenhouse gas emissions and identifying the main sources of energy consumption. A specialized energy performance auditor will offer a new perspective on your situation supported by pertinent recommendations based on concrete data.

For the audit, our experts will adhere to the NF EN 16247 standard in accordance with European regulations. Applying this standard will ensure a proven methodology and guarantee excellent quality results.

Each audit offered by Cleaneo includes a site visit, a measurement campaign, and a detailed analysis of your energy data. This work enables us to provide you with a solid foundation to identify areas needing improvements and develop targeted strategies to reduce your consumption.

Develop an action plan to reduce emissions

Once the data is collected and analyzed, it is time to implement a concrete action plan to reduce your emissions. This plan should be based on the results of the energy audit conducted previously. Experts like those at Cleaneo can help you develop this plan by providing advice on energy management, reducing consumption, and replacing energy-intensive equipment.

The energy-saving action plan revolves around seven main areas :

  • Management
  • Awareness
  • Waste reduction
  • Moderation
  • Efficiency
  • Energy recovery
  • Renewable energy


The proposed action plan is structured with a roadmap that allows you to implement an effective strategy based on the maturity of your site. Each action will be presented with an investment cost, the generated savings, and an associated return on investment (ROI). Our teams are at your disposal to help you activate and monitor the actions.

Awareness and training of its employees

atelier 2 tonnes - Cleaneo

Raising awareness and training employees on environmental issues are crucial for employee engagement, internal performance improvement, and ensuring a long-term impact.

Cleaneo offers personalized training and support sessions to educate all personnel about the energy costs and wastage specific to your industrial site. The goal is to identify and implement best practices within the company.

We also offer awareness workshops adopting a holistic approach on themes related to the environment. Cleaneo is the official distributor of the “Workshop 2 Tonnes,” an immersive and educational program that encourages climate action.

The objectives of these workshops are as follows:

  • Provide fun and participatory training that offers a complete and accessible overview of the levers for transitioning to a low-carbon economy.
  • Adopt a systemic approach to integrate all issues: reducing the carbon footprint, preserving biodiversity, and social foundations.
  • Propose ideas for concrete, actionable solutions at various levels while comparing the impact of numerous individual, professional, and structural actions.


In conclusion, reducing a company’s carbon footprint is not just an environmental necessity; it is a comprehensive strategy that enhances operational viability, improves stakeholder relationships, and increases market competitiveness.

Our initiatives through energy audits, the implementation of detailed action plans, and comprehensive training programs are essential for any company concerned about its environmental impact. Not only do these steps contribute to a more sustainable future, but they also provide tangible benefits in terms of savings, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Each company is at a different stage of its ecological transition; Cleaneo’s personalized approach ensures that the proposed solutions are both relevant and effective, thus ensuring a serene future.