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Carbon footprint assessment

(scope 1, 2 and 3)

A carbon footprint report is much more than a simple assessment of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It is a strategic tool that meets major challenges for companies, both in terms of regulations and as part of a CSR approach. At Cleaneo, we see the carbon footprint report as a powerful tool for measuring and understanding a company’s environmental impact.

Who is concerned?

  • Businesses of all sizes looking to measure the environmental impact of their activities and identify actionable strategies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Companies aiming to reduce energy costs and adopt more responsible production practices.

What is your objective?

  • Identify effective measures to reduce your GHG emissions
  • Detailed analysis of your emissions and recommendations for action implementation
  • Estimation of the environmental and economic gains achievable by applying our action plan

What is a carbon footprint assessment ?

This assessment is generally made by measuring emissions of three types, or “scopes”, corresponding to different levels of intervention.

Scope 1

Includes direct GHG emissions controlled by the organisation, such as on-site combustion, industrial processes and refrigerant fluid leaks. These emissions are considered to be under the direct control of the entity being assessed for the purposes of the carbon footprint report.

Scope 2

Indirect emissions resulting from the production of energy consumed by the organisation also have an impact on your carbon footprint. This scope mainly includes emissions linked to the purchase and consumption of electricity, heat or steam. These emissions are not generated directly on site but are linked to the company’s energy consumption.

Scope 3

The largest and most complex, covering all other indirect emissions linked to the organisation’s activities, excluded from scopes 1 and 2. This includes emissions linked to suppliers, the use of products sold, business travel and waste generated. Scope 3 emissions often represent the predominant part of an organisation’s total carbon footprint.

Why carry out a carbon footprint assessment ?

Awareness of emissions and environmental impact

Calculating the carbon footprint is the first crucial step for any company wishing to become aware of its greenhouse gas emissions and to evaluate its environmental footprint. It is an essential first step in identifying significant sources of emissions.

Building a tailored action plan

Understanding your emissions enables you to build a tailored action plan. Whether to comply with regulatory requirements, as part of a CSR approach, or to seize opportunities for improvement, the carbon footprint is the basis for a transition towards more responsible energy management.

The key stages of your carbon footprint assessment with Cleaneo

At Cleaneo, our support in calculating your carbon footprint unfolds through several methodical stages, aiming to ensure accurate evaluation and define concrete actions to reduce your carbon footprint.

Initial Analysis

We commence with an in-depth analysis of your activities, gathering essential data such as energy consumption, manufacturing processes, and other relevant sources.



Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment

The collected data is translated into greenhouse gas emissions using our proven Carbon Footprint methodology.

Identification of Predominant Sources

We identify the primary sources of your emissions, offering strategic guidance for the implementation of reduction actions.



Detailed Report and Recommendations

We provide you with a comprehensive report, including an analysis of your emissions, specific action recommendations, and an estimation of the environmental and economic gains achievable by applying these recommendations.

Implementation of the Action Plan

We assist you in implementing actions to reduce your carbon footprint. Our engineers help prioritize the most relevant action points, and we connect you with qualified professionals for effective implementation.


Is your company looking to reduce its consumption and carbon footprint? Cleaneo is your partner for a comprehensive carbon footprint assessment, from initial awareness to tangible action. Contact us to initiate your journey towards more responsible energy management.