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ISO 50001 certification support

The ISO 50001 certification, which is part of a wider framework of international certifications, represents much more than simple formal recognition. At the heart of this approach is the desire to undertake a significant ecological transition, offering companies a major opportunity to take a decisive step towards exemplary energy management.

Who is concerned?

  • The ISO 50001 standard is international and voluntary
  • A methodical approach based on continuous improvement
  • Setting up an Energy Management System (EMS or ENMS)
  • Need support in defining your energy policy in line with your challenges?

What is your objective?

  • To meet the expectations of your stakeholders
  • Develop the skills and motivation of your employees
  • Improve your company’s image
  • Exempt certified companies from a regulatory energy audit
  • Advantage in calls for tender

What is the ISO 50001 certification?

The certification is an independent external evaluation process that attests that an organization complies with certain predefined standards. In the case of ISO 50001, this recognition is based on a methodical approach focused on the continuous improvement of energy management within companies.

For whom and how?

Open to all industrial and tertiary activities on a voluntary basis, the ISO 50001 standard is based on the implementation of an Energy Management System (EMS or EMSn). This approach requires a methodical approach and a vision that is consistent with the specific challenges of each company. Cleaneo positions itself as a support partner to help you define your energy policy in line with your objectives.

The benefits for the certified company

Meeting stakeholder expectations

ISO 50001 certification goes beyond basic compliance. It meets the growing expectations of stakeholders in terms of environmental responsibility.

Developing skills and mobilizing employees

This approach encourages the development of in-house skills and the mobilization of employees around the common objective of efficient energy management.

Enhanced corporate image

Certification strengthens the company’s image by demonstrating its concrete commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Exemption from regulatory energy audits

ISO 50001-certified companies are excluded from regulatory energy audits, simplifying the process while ensuring compliance with standards.

Advantages in calls for tenders

Being ISO 50001 certified gives you a significant competitive advantage in calls for tenders, demonstrating your commitment to responsible energy management.

Cleaneo supports you in this challenging process, creating a synergy between energy performance, environmental responsibility and commercial success.

Why choose Cleaneo ?

At Cleaneo, our aim is to help you achieve the ISO 50001 standard by providing methodological and operational assistance. Guided by our commitment, we offer personalised assistance aimed at reducing your energy costs, orienting your investments more precisely, and improving your environmental footprint. Our support process comprises the following stages

Analysis of the gaps in the standard

We help you draw up an inventory of your organisation, identifying the human, technical and financial efforts required to achieve ISO 50001 certification.



Building the roadmap

Our experts will help you to define objectives in line with your challenges, while identifying the indicators that will enable you to measure the progress of your performance.

Regulatory watch

To ensure that you comply with legal requirements, we carry out a regulatory watch tailored to your sector of activity.



Drawing up an action plan

In collaboration with your organisation, we draw up an action plan to map out the projects and investments needed to achieve your consumption reduction targets. This action plan involves setting up a tailor-made energy management system.


We support you in awareness-raising, communication and training initiatives, as well as in the technical deployment of the project and the actions that are required.



ISO 50001 certification

Cleaneo supports you in the process of obtaining certification from an accredited certifier, both for initial certification and for updating procedures at the time of renewal.