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Project management

Reducing energy consumption is a challenge for many companies. To achieve this, you need a well-managed energy efficiency project. Cleaneo stands out in project management by putting forward a team of highly qualified engineers, supported by a network of over 34 partners specialising in clean technologies (Cleantech). This collaboration ensures a guarantee of quality and innovation for every energy efficiency project undertaken.

Who is concerned?

  • Looking for support with complex projects and optimisation of resources
  • In need of specialist expertise in energy performance
  • Companies looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive environment of constant innovation

What is your objective?

  • Objective assessment of project feasibility
  • Access to an ecosystem of high-performance, innovative partners
  • Require control and monitoring of your project progress
  • Maximise the profitability of your energy transition project.

Who is it for?

Our project management services are aimed at companies looking for support in carrying out complex projects. We are committed to helping companies optimise their resources while offering them the opportunity to stand out in an ever-changing competitive environment. Whether improving energy efficiency, reducing operational costs or adopting clean technologies, Cleaneo is the ideal partner to transform energy challenges into opportunities for sustainable success.

Why should you call on us?

Our objective: to help you achieve significant reductions in your energy consumption. To do this, we objectively assess the feasibility of the project and offer access to an ecosystem of efficient and innovative partners. We also guarantee rigorous control and monitoring of the project’s progress. Finally, we maximise the profitability of your energy transition.

For every company ambitious to transform its aspirations into energy reality, Cleaneo is committed to being the trusted partner, providing the expertise and support required at every stage of this journey towards energy efficiency.

Our methodology assures you of firm and definitive costs, as well as pre-agreed deadlines, all accompanied by a single point of contact throughout the realisation of your project.

Electricity (x13)

Carbon (x10)

Gas (x6)

Water (x5)


Project preparation

We start with a thorough preparation phase, clearly defining the project objectives, deadlines, budgets and resources required. This stage ensures that the vision is clear and shared by all stakeholders.



Planning and organisation

We draw up a detailed plan, identifying the stages of the project, everyone’s responsibilities and the resources required. This phase ensures smooth, coordinated execution.

Execution and monitoring

The implementation of the project is precisely managed according to the established plan. Ongoing monitoring allows actions to be adjusted if necessary, ensuring that progress is in line with expectations.



Evaluation and continuous improvement

Once the project has been completed, we carry out an in-depth evaluation of the results. We observe the gains made in relation to the consumption targets set. This feedback is crucial for refining our future approaches and maximising the effectiveness of subsequent projects.