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Energy transition strategy

The energy transition is a key strategic priority for today’s businesses and organisations. Redefining your energy trajectory is a major challenge, an imperative that is at the heart of environmental and economic news. Would you like to implement an action plan to promote sustainable development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions? We have the solution.

Who is concerned?

  • Companies wishing to integrate the ecological transition into their business model
  • Require expertise in the design and implementation of their energy transition
  • Voluntary approach combining an energy, asset and operational strategy

What is your objective?

  • Set priorities for short-, medium- and long-term actions
  • Integrate your multi-year investment plan into your company’s overall energy efficiency strategy

The reasons behind the energy transition for businesses

Over and above its carbon impact, the energy transition has an economic and environmental purpose. To remain competitive and preserve their margins, businesses need not only to accelerate their energy transition but also to control their costs. Energy costs are often second to labour costs in the industrial sector, representing an important amount.

Who is concerned by the Energy Transition Strategy ?

Our energy transition plan is aimed at companies seeking to integrate the ecological transition into their business model. Whether you need comprehensive expertise to implement your energy transition, or you opt for a voluntary approach that includes energy, asset and operational strategies, Cleaneo can support you in this transformation.

An unavoidable commitment:

While energy and the energy transition are imperatives, integrating them into a company’s overall strategy remains essential. Taking a step back, considering the influencing factors, and making decisions that are aligned with investment strategies, market developments, changes in consumption patterns, and the company’s position are key elements in a successful energy transition.

Setting priorities for the future: The in-depth diagnostic initiates our approach by understanding your current energy footprint. Together, we define priorities for energy actions in the short, medium and long term.

Integrating a multi-year plan to your energy strategy: Cleaneo assists you in integrating your multi-year investment plan into an overall energy efficiency strategy, ensuring that investments are aligned with your energy objectives.


Diagnosis and awareness-raising

Our approach begins with an in-depth diagnosis to understand your current energy footprint. We raise your teams’ awareness of the challenges of the energy transition and the importance of CSR policies.



Strategy and priorities

Working together, we draw up a global strategy integrating decarbonisation and energy sobriety. We identify priorities for action in the short, medium and long term.

Multi-year investment plan

Integrating the energy transition into your business model requires a multi-year investment plan. Cleaneo works with you to align these investments with your energy efficiency strategy, ensuring a lasting impact.



Implementation and monitoring

We guide you through the implementation of the actions identified, helping you to integrate the energy transition into all of your operations. Regular monitoring guarantees the effectiveness of the measures taken.

Our expertise is deployed to make the energy transition a driver of economic, social and environmental performance. Join us in creating a sustainable future.